The secret beauty of agates ...

Discover, tame, use in your interior!


In distant Brazil there is a small town of Saledade, called the "capital of precious stones". There, in the glare of the scorching sun and the sounds of samba, the most beautiful and the rarest varieties of minerals and rocks are revealed. And this is where the latest agates available in Interstone's offer come from: Agata Black in elegant, intense black, Agata Blue reminiscent of the blue of the Parisian sky, Agata Amarelo with a warm color of honey and expressive Agata Azul in a strong blue color. It's time to discover the secret beauty of agates, which have already made themselves at home and in commercial interiors.


A wealth of applications

Agates are one of the most mysterious gemstones. They are a variety of chalcedony, hence they are distinguished by high hardness and durability. On the outside, they are inconspicuous, uninteresting, sometimes bland. They hide all the beauty inside. The unique blaze of colors and multi-dimensional layers with wonderful overexposure make the agates in the interiors - properly lit and exposed - sparkle in delight. Architects and interior designers are increasingly using them as a material for countertops, floors, wall cladding, but also decorative elements. A wide range of arrangements makes the agates available in Interstone's offer can be the leitmotif of a modern living room, kitchen open to the dining room or a bathing room, although the intensity of their colors makes them look equally good in the remarkable hotel reception or exclusive wellness and spa area. But it is not the functionality, although maintained at the highest level, it constitutes
about the uniqueness of agates. Time for a real spectacle of colors!


In the colors of the desert ...

Beautiful honey color with delicate elements of brown, beige and white is the quintessence of Agata Amarelo stone, which takes us on a journey to the sand dunes of the Sahara, where the sand shimmers to the horizon with wonderful gold, light beige or delicate caramel color. Warm colors are perfect for modern minimalist arrangements, which will give a cozy character. In spaces inspired by urban jungle, with the predominance of intense green tones, Agata Amarelo will take care of an intimate atmosphere, at the same time fitting into the philosophy of being close to nature. Natural stones on the wall, floor or as a cover for a kitchen island or fireplace in such a decorative version are a great proposition for glamor and new classic interiors.

... the Pacific

Deep black interspersed with mysterious gray and delicate hints of blue brings to mind an ocean stormed by a storm. Agata Azul from Interstone has such colors. This gemstone definitely goes beyond any standard: so many colors and shades. It is mysterious and not obvious. Coffee table tops or decorative elements made of it will be a great counterpoint in interiors maintained in a bright color palette. Against the background of universal white or pastels, Agata Azul will definitely look the best. As in the interiors inspired by the art deco style - the warm color of gold will be the perfect counterbalance to the muted notes of this Brazilian agate.

And the blue of the sky

Interstone's offer also included blue agates, which according to the Pantone institute is the color of the year. Agata Blue from the Interstone offer will introduce a phenomenal atmosphere to the interior: clear translucencies against the background of intense blue tones create a real spectacle - carefully illuminated patterns of Agata Blue stone do not allow you to take your eyes off it even for a moment. Agate in this color can be the perfect complement to commercial spaces, such as spa zones, hotel swimming pools or saunas. In home arrangements, the beauty of blue agate will be perfect in bedrooms, bathing rooms, bathrooms, but also in the lounge area of ​​the living room.

Dark but beautiful night!

In order to meet the expectations of lovers of dark colors and strong accents, Interstone has introduced agate in its timeless, intense black range. Agata Black is a perfect proposition for arrangements inspired by glamor or art deco styles. It is widely known that gold and black together form an exceptionally harmonious duo. The unique character of black agate should also be used in the hotel's spa and wellness zones. Unpretentious black will be a perfect background for colorful accessories. Agates mined in distant Brazil are famous for their uniqueness and unusual color palette. A riot of colors and perfect functionality make the Agates from the Interstone offer take the interior world by storm.


A wide range of stones, including amazing agates, can be seen live in the Kamienia Interstone Showroom in Warsaw at Al. Jerozolimskie 132 and in the Interstone magazine
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