We have decided to collect the Clients’ questions we frequently answer during our everyday work in one place. We hope that it will be helpful to you. If you do not find the answers to your questions, please contact our regional sales representative of the Interstone Company or our headquarters.



  • What is the average wait time for the order completion?

Most of the products are available immediately upon placing an order. It is possible thanks to the very big warehousing surface area we have. Currently, we have over 80 thousand square meters of different types of stones. If we do not have a certain kind of product at our warehouse, its delivery time will be up to 2 weeks (for the stones imported from Europe)and up to 90 days maximum (for selected items from Asia or South America).

  • How and where can I check the availability of the particular stone at the warehouse?

The availability of each product can be checked on our website, under the special tab called “Available Stock”. It is updated on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, all our products are labelled with the QR code. Scanning the code with the smartphone, we will obtain a lot of information about the stone, including its availability.

  • Is the purchased stone under a warranty?

Yes. We warrant our products under the general rules governed by the Polish Law.

  • Can I order stone slabs with the particular dimensions from your store or will I need to use additional masonry services?

We offer two categories of products. The first category includes the products available in slabs, large stone slabs which require to be cut to the desired dimensions by a masonry specialist. Some of our products are available in ready-made tiles with the particular dimensions which do not require any additional treatment and are ready to be used.

  • How can I reserve the stone I like?

Depending on the client’s preferred form of contacting us, the reservation may be made by telephone, in person, through e-mail or via the on-line chat.

  • Can you recommend a reliable contractor for the masonry works?

As a company with a 30-year experience, we have access to a network of reliable contractors throughout the entire country. Prior to recommending the particular manufacturing plant, we try to collect as much information regarding the planned works as possible in order to recommend the best solution and the best company specializing in the particular field.

  • Who bears the costs of transporting the stone to the investment place?

The client bears the product transportation costs. Due to the fact that we own our own transportation fleet and an optimized delivery system, we can offer transportation services at attractive prices to our clients.

  • Are the stones warrantied?

Yes. We process complaints based on general rules governed by the Polish Law.

  • Does it matter which distribution office I contact regarding the order?

The client may contact any distribution office, because they are all part of our central ordering system. Thanks to that, each sales department employee possesses the full knowledge about the orders which are being implemented at any office throughout Poland. Naturally, the biggest selection of the products is at our main warehouse in Adamowice near Mszczonowo.

  • Where can I find the price list of your products?

The current price list of our products is available at our website: .



  • What types of stone are best for flooring at home?

Most of our stones may be used for finishing flooring at home. We do not recommend using polished marble or soft limestone, though. Of course, the finishing degree as well as the texture of the stone is very important. Also, while the polished marble should not be used for flooring, the matte or brushed versions can be applied successfully.

  • What types of stone are best for building façade?

In this case, the frost resistance and the stone structure are the key factors. In case of the façade finish, generally, most types of granite, as well as basalt, sandstone, some types of limestone and Laminam sintered quartz are used.

  • What types of stone are best for the kitchen countertops?

We recommend granites, Silestone composite quartz and the Laminam sintered quartz. The indicated products meet the typical requirements for the kitchen which means that they are solid, difficult to scratch and stain-proof. The marble finishes should be used in the kitchen with some degree of caution. Let’s remember that marble is sensitive to acids, such as vinegar, lemon, etc. Sealing marble will only protect it against common stains, but it will not ensure any resistance to acids. Therefore, this type of stone can be used by those who are conscious about that and to whom cleaning and hygiene is important.

  • What types of stone is best for garden paths?

The ideal material for that type of works is granite, INTERSPIEK sinters, porphyry or basalts. It is also important to remember that the stone finish must be anti-slip, such as flamed or sandblasted finish.

  • What types of stone are best for decks and balconies?

Similarly to the garden paths, granites, INTERSPIEK sinters, porphyry or basalt will do great for decks and balconies. The anti-slip stone finish, such as flamed or sandblasted finish, should also be considered for that purpose. The polished or even matte stones should definitely be avoided in the outdoors, even in the roofed areas.

  • Which countries or regions of the world are the stones imported from?

We import the stones practically from all over the world, including Asia, South America, North Africa, and Europe.

  • What is the sintered quartz?

The sintered quartz is a composition of natural materials; particularly quartz, shale clay, granite rocks and ceramic pigments. The granules of these materials are first compressed. Next, an innovative technology of sintering the granules is applied through which they are burned in the temperature of 1220 degrees. Large format slabs are created thanks to this method which are perfectly flat and can be cut to specific dimensions with very high accuracy. The Laminam slabs are available in the size of 360 cm x 120 cm with a thickness of 3 to 12 millimeters. This is a very durable material which is used inter alia as façade cladding as well as in interior decoration. The sintered quartz slabs have plentiful interior uses. They can be used for flooring, walls as well as furniture. Kitchen and bathroom countertops as well as windowsills are very often made of Laminam slabs.

  • How can I find the product which will best suit my needs?

Our website has a very sensitive search engine which can suggest the best option for a material after the client enters information about the particular needs.

  • Who should I contact regarding the date and the terms of the transportation?

Please contact the Interstone Sales Department. The contact information is available under the “Contact” tab on our website. You can also use our “Chat” app on our website for that purpose.

  • Will the entire stone slab exhibit the same pattern?

It is important to remember that this is a natural stone and not an artificial product from a manufacturing plant with a standardized look. The homogeneous stones are practically identical. We also offer stones with various veins which are naturally different from each other. Those who appreciate the natural stones might consider it an additional value indicating its uniqueness and not its flaw. In order to prevent any such differences from appearing to be too significant, each of our delivery comes from properly numbered blocks of stone, and each stone slab with the same stone block number is consequently cut out of the same raw material.


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