It is a sedimentary rock consisting mainly of clay, sludge and silt material. The advantage of shale is its high resistance to weathering and abrasion. It is a very plastic material and for that reason it is appreciated by interior designers and artists. It is mostly used in its natural cleaved form, but some of its varieties can be polished, brushed or aged in special drums to make the so called “mushrooms”. Depending on the thickness, shale can be used to create shingles, flooring, wall cladding, finishes for decks and balconies. The thickest parts of the shale are often used for laying garden paths and even roads.

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The company INTERSTONE ® was founded in 2000 as a limited liability company. The company headquarters is located in Andrychowie przy ul. Słowackiego 4c/14, while storage of materials - in Adamowicach przy ul. Styropianowej 2, 48 km from Warsaw.