It is a metamorphic rock which was formed in the result of the transformation of the carbonate rocks, mainly limestone and dolomite, after being subjected to high temperatures and pressure. Marble is easy to handle, and it can be polished, cut and carved. It is characterized by high hardness and resistance to abrasion (less than granite). Comparing to granite, it is characterized by a higher water absorption; therefore, it is not recommend it to be used in moist places. A contact with water or acids contained in the atmosphere and food products can cause stains which are difficult or even impossible to remove. Marble is rich in colors and marking (black, white, green, blue, pink and many others), and so it is often used for decorative flooring finishes, walls, table tops, etc. Considering the trading nomenclature, there are other stones with similar properties which are available under the name of marble, such as limestone, dolomites or conglomerates.

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The company INTERSTONE ® was founded in 2000 as a limited liability company. The company headquarters is located in Andrychowie przy ul. Słowackiego 4c/14, while storage of materials - in Adamowicach przy ul. Styropianowej 2, 48 km from Warsaw.